How it all started.

I decided to start this blog to share my passion about travelling in America. Those who know me personally could confirm that I can talk about it for hours. I can bore them to death with all my past stories and future plans. Nonetheless I’ll try to write something interesting from time to time and not to bore you to death dear reader.

My love affair with America started many years ago. I was already exploring world while still in primary school but for years my travels were mostly virtual, using maps, books and imagination. It didn’t help that I come from a relatively small town in Poland and I was growing up during the transition of my country from communism into some sort of normality. It wasn’t easy to travel back then.

Quite quickly the fascinating geometric shapes of the American states got me especially interested. I read books about the US and I started collecting maps. Then there were movies, shot in all the amazing locations like California, NYC or the South West.

My American interests would probably stay a harmless geeky hobby if not one of my friends. I was studying geography at the time. Living on a small budget, when I did travel I did it mostly by hitch-hiking or taking the slow trains. I wasn’t really thinking about any far journeys, especially to America. At that point a friend of mine asked me if I want to join her and go for a summer job in Florida. I laughed at first, especially when I realized that the job offer was from Disney World. It all looked like a big joke. My English was bad, I didn’t have money for the ticket, I just couldn’t imagine it happening at all. I still don’t know why did I go for the interview and how did I pass it, but few months later, after borrowing money for the tickets, I landed in Miami.

It was 15 years ago. Since then I have travelled thousands of miles (about 40 thousands to be precise) in America. From coast to coast, from the Canadian border to Mexico, from the hustle and bustle of NYC or LA to the rural North Dakota, from the hot deserts of Arizona to the green forests of Vermont. I have visited 48 states so far (all the lower ones) and have a clear objective to visit all 50 of them.

I’m not an experienced blogger, actually I never wrote a blog before, but I’ll try my best to keep it interesting and I hope to inspire some of you to visit this fascinating country.

2 thoughts on “How it all started.

    1. geogregor

      Thanks for reading.
      I’m originally from Jastrzebie Zdroj. It’s a mid sized coal mining town in southern Poland, right on the Czech border. Not really exciting place 😉
      Last few years though I live in London, England.
      There will be more stories coming as for the last few years I go to U.S. every year.


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