I am a road geek, a map geek and a travel geek and I’m really interested in all things American. From geography to politics, from history to culture, from sport to music. In the last few years I have travelled extensively around the USA and bits of Canada clocking well over 65,000 kilometers (over 40,000 miles) so far. On the map you can see selection of the places I have visited (I haven’t added the latest ones yet). I have visited some of the highlights of America (like Yellowstone, Yosemite and San Francisco) but also some remote towns and low key attractions like the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot or the North Dakota State Capitol in Bismarck.  I’m not entirely sure what I really prefer.

I have now visited all of the lower 48 states (however briefly some of them) and aim to see all 50, hopefully soon. That means Alaska and Hawaii are awaiting me. Unfortunately these are distant and expensive places to visit so it might take me a while. But hey, you always need some ambitious target in life. I will get there.

In the meantime I’m slowly clocking Canadian provinces as well. After last trip I’m at six which means I have visited more than half of them (excluding the territories). I wonder what I finish first. 10 provinces of Canada or 50 states of the USA.

On this blog I share some of my adventures and enthusiasm and offer a few tips for your own travels. Feel free to comment and ask questions, especially if you need driving or map advice, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. Joaquín O.C.

    Hi Gregor! My name is Joaquín, I’m from Spain and I’m also a road geek, a map geek and a travel geek 😀

    I really like your blog, congratulations! I have never been in the United States but I hope to do it soon, and your blog seems like a GREAT place to look for info 🙂


    1. Gregor

      Glad to hear that.
      I had quick look at your blog and I can see that you went to Wroclaw.
      I hope you had fun out there 😉


  2. Dan

    Hey man,
    I just discovered your blog tonight and I’m very impressed. Looks like you’ve seen a lot of the USA, much more then I ever did even though I live here. I lived in Atlanta and now I’m residing in Chicago. I did cross the States twice from east to the west on a road trip. It’s a beautiful country, especially National Parks, but as far as american cities go they’re are pretty dull, since they all look alike for the most part with few exceptions (SFO, NOLA).
    I’d love to visit Alaska before I move back to Europe.


    1. Gregor

      Thanks for nice words.
      I also would like to visit Alaska, preferably sooner rather than later, and would also like to finally get to Hawaii and finish my project of visiting all the states.
      Some day, some day….

  3. Rajko Golić

    Hello Friend!

    I discovered your blog a few days ago and since then I can’t get away from the computer, reading these wonderful articles. What you are doing is really great, because in the right way you are bringing the spirit of America closer to us who live in Europe.
    I have one slightly unusual request. I am a professor of regional geography at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. I am just finishing writing the book “Regional Geography of North America”, which will have 500-600 pages and will be published in Serbian. I am currently looking for photos for the book, which will be lavishly illustrated. I wonder if I can use the photos from your blog in my book for free? Of course, with citing you as the author of the photos. As a token of gratitude, I would send you the book when it is out of print (which will be in a few months).

    Best regards and thanks for this wonderful articles!

    1. admin


      You can absolutely use my photos. They are however quite low resolution. If you need better quality and better choice you can check my flickr profile where I keep thousands of photos, including many from the US.

      Here is the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/48225158@N02/albums

      I’m looking forward to seeing your book, even if it is in Serbian. My professor of regional geography also published book about the US, but it was in 1980.

      Best regards


      1. Rajko Golić

        Thanks a lot for allowing me to use your photos.

        I will choose some photos from this site and some from your flickr profile.

        I will contact you when the book is printed, to send me your address to which I can send the book.

        Best regards and thanks again for the wonderful pictures and articles!


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